Snow in the City

by | Jan 20, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Snow wistfully falling; settling silently whereat it lands
A soft, white fitted carpet of the purest jewelled crystals.
Net curtains twitch; as surprised eyes widen in wonder
Before draped curtains close and settees and televisions beckon.
The temperature plummets as midnight beckons and passes
Whilst the bustling city sleeps; snuggled down in quilted beds.
In the darkness, the snow shines a scene of luminescence
Its diamond crystals hardening, in the bitter sharp air of stillness.

The day begins with the early shift setting out for their place of work
Engines running, defrosting windscreens, scraping off the frozen snow
Whilst on the pavement, in ambush, lurk secret patches of treacherous ice
Catching out the sleepy heedless pedestrians, racing for the office
Ambulances; doctors and nurses will be busy in casualty today!
Children, scarves flapping, hands in gloves, scrunch their way to school
With rosy cheeks and wide smiles, breath dancing from chattering lips
Talking of carrot faced snowmen, sledges, snowballs and snow fights.

Cats stretch lazily, staying cosy indoors; dogs bound about with snow on their nose
As cheeky Sparrows squabble on the bird table waiting for breakfast to arrive.
Shoppers venture forth for the daily essentials, bread, milk and something for tea.
And so it is, as the day progresses, trains and buses are running again!
The city changed just for one fall of snow.


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