So much more than this

by | Apr 4, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

If for me a plan thou have, pray tell me of it now
I need your guidance in this hour of heartache and complete despair
Just a sign to take away the harrowed scene before my eyes
Or let the shadows fall on me, if this be time of my demise

I’ve never asked such things of you, I never would have dared
Yet now I am bereft and drifting down that road of no return
How this world should come to this, I beg of you explain
Inhuman traits of man to man, delight in finding innocents

The gift of will so freely deigned to us of less than mortal frame
Results in dark and distant blame, apportioned at your door
I know from life as lived so far and leap of faith I’ve had in thee
Our lives are so much more than this when knowing you, thou knowing me


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