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Society is shocked
Another kid is killed in the streets
The politicians start to bleat
We understand we are listening
Bit hard to hear way up in the ivory tower

Some will say a spell in the army
Is what is needed here?
The short sharp treatment
For the little dears

But I say NO
That is not the way to go
We serve with honour
And with pride
We do not have to hide

If you want to be a soldier
Let your heart swell with pride
To wear a Tam O’ Shanter
Scotlands pride
My badge is my guide

Shake of your prejudice
And your dishonour
Look to your future
And have some honour

Hopefully you will listen
And see what you are missing
But I doubt that to be the case
You think that you are a hard case
To carry a knife or gun
That my friend is no idea of fun


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