Soldier for hire

by | Jun 2, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Don’t let me die like this
Don’t let me die alone
Bleeding out and paralysed
A thousand mile from home

A mercenary I’d become
An answer to an ‘ Ad ‘
Missing military life
A ‘ Civvy ‘ going mad

No jobs for former soldiers
With killing as their trade
The tools of their employment
The rifle and the blade

So eagerly I ‘ snapped it up ‘
A dangerous job abroad
‘ Adrenalin ‘ kicking right back in
Ignore the things I’d heard

I’d thought that I was ‘ bullet proof ‘
‘ Not me mate, I’m to fast ‘
I only lasted two short weeks
Those words could be my last

I lie here bleeding in the dust
My body feels no pain
My eyes the only thing to move
No signals to my brain

My neck is broke, I know that now
The shrapnel tore right through it
The mine exploding near me
‘Twas then I knew I’d ‘ Blew it ‘

My comrades fighting as they ran
They left me there for dead
Alone upon the battlefield
A crater for my bed

I ‘ think ‘ a silent prayer inside
My lips refuse to speak
I need someone to hold my hand
My future’s looking bleak

Someone notice, someone look
I’m not a piece of meat
Just say a kindly word to me
My Maker then I’ll meet

A bird lands on my shattered limb
It’s pecking at my leg
Through torn and blood-soaked combats
It’s then I ‘ think ‘ to beg

I’m forced to watch this gruesome feast
I cannot close my eyes
My eyelids they have burnt away
I stare toward the skies

‘ God help me now ‘ I ‘ think ‘ inside
Although I don’t believe
It’s funny how you turn to God
Religion you retrieve

My silent prayer is answered
My mind is fading fast
A soldier on the stage of life
Departing from the cast

My life it ‘ whirls ‘ before me
I don’t have no regrets
My end comes as a soldier
Back here amongst ‘ The Vets ! ‘


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