Soldier, Soldier

by | May 11, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Soldier, Soldier,
With uniform and gun,
Died in battle,
Went up to meet the One.

“Soldier, Soldier,
how did you die?”
“The enemy fired,
I fell without a cry”

“Soldier, Soldier,
look at the enemies now.
They hug like old lovers
And your death they disavow”

“What then did I die for?
Was it all political?
Were our Leaders and theirs
So cruelly hypocritical?”

“Soldier, Soldier,
at last you are wise,
when all flags and all frontiers
you have learnt to despise.”

“What then shall we teach
our sons of tomorrow?”

“Teach them faith in politicians
will bring them only sorrow!”


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