Soldier to Civvy

by | Nov 4, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Saw your soul die before me
You whispered through the spats of blood
Please im lonely remember me
I did everything I could
Now years later I cry
Hooked on tranquilizers
Remembering the dead stoned and asks why
Hooked on tranquilizers
So I never forget those brave men who died
When the civvies watch me cry at work
I told them of the dead I never lied
But all they did was shirk
Never seen what we saw
Another tear rolls down my cheek
As the wound is so…so raw
The innocent to my world peek
9 to five
Picking and packing
Is anyone here alive?
As the boss does the sacking
I cry before my master
Tell him of the things i`ve seen
Hoping for my deep cut a plaster
Help me to be the civvy I have been
But im not in his good book
Cause my rage continues to upset
All the profit I made him he took
No this games not up yet
Im still a soldier of two minds
Love and kill
Lost in two minds
Sometimes the frill
Or being two kinds
Perfect killing machine
Now im packing food
Having nightmares from all I have seen
Good luck dude.
Soldier to civvy street; do we ever succeed?


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