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He’s young and handsome
And grizzled, lined and old
She’s sensitive and bloody minded,
Timid, shy and bold

He’s strong and whole
He has no legs
His mind has gone away
She’s canny and intelligent
He’s straight, and he is gay

She comes from London
Devon, Leeds
He’s Scottish Welsh and Manx
He’s quite a man she’s quite a girl
And they expect no thanks

This is my son,
My sister, cousin, husband
And my mother
My friend, a total stranger
An acquaintance and my brother

He gives his all
She just won’t quit
Until the battle’s won
And they review their losses
With the setting of the sun

He stands between the enemy
And us, and always will
She serves amid the noise of blasts
And in the deathly still

So make it more than
Once a year
To show them that we care
Let’s have a little more respect
For soldiers everywhere


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