Somebody Somewhere

by | Jul 17, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh where do those big blue beautiful eyes go, when your not a one with me,
Perhaps to your world of contentment where everything’s safe and sound,
I wish for you to be in my world if only for just one day,
It wasn’t to be, and what you’ve achieved has made so terribly proud.
Your love of tractors trains and trucks, is like every little boys.
You line them up with so much skill, they call it obsessive behavior,
I see it differently to them I see a little boy deep in play,
with dedication an passion, It’s these words I choose to favour.
Each day a new that unravels with wondrous things to learn,
you look, you listen without any comment, but store for future date.
I ask what shall we do today? You say can I have a biscuit this weekend,
I know what you mean, but they call it inappropriate.
That was when you were five, and now you have got n to eight,
We fought the LEA and now hope the path is becoming straight,
Life is always going to be an uphill struggle I know that is for sure
But the pleasure you bring into ours life’s out ways its ten times more
You still like the daily routine, and keep things in the same old place
You still hate twisty socks and bendy pants! every morning we still have to face
We both have lots of learning, to understand each others lives and woes,
I promised I will try to keep finding socks, which won’t annoy your toes.
You make me so happy with your funny quirky ways, your odd little dances, off into your dances you go son,
The love I feel is too much to put into words, what ever our future, we’ll fight it together your ever loving mum.


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