Son of Mine

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Here I lie, crying, in my warm comfy bed
For my Son is cold, and lays with the dead
My arms are empty; my soul mate is gone
I silently scream, “Look what you’ve done!”
He was my world, my only one
He was just a boy, my pride and joy
These unfortunate boys are ‘dispensable’
An obvious fact, which is indefensible
Men without a future on the ‘Front Line’
‘Cannon Fodder’, like that loving Son of mine
How many more innocents will they send
Far from home to meet a brutal, violent end?
War kills the good as well as the bad!
Why did they go? They must have been mad.
Persuaded by the lies of ‘Bravado and Glory’
Now they know the truth, which tells a different story
Keep your medals and your Victory Parade
Recognise the senseless carnage you have made
Silence that bugler! Give up the fight!
Sending boys to war is just not right.


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