Sophie’s Poem

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

My helmet slips forward hitting my nose,
My uniform itches and scratches my skin,
My boots let in water soaking my toes
The mud in the trenches up to my chin,

I hide in the muddy English trench,
Exploding bombs land so near,
These allies of ours the French,
Are helping us fight with cheer,

I stand in the deep mud,
Not liking the violence anymore,
Hearing bombs land with a thud,
Four whole years of this terrible war,

Just one simple hope in no-man’s land,
Its petals, blood red people cry,
A red flower, very bland,
It lives where dead men lie,

Just two blood red petals,
Black seed in the middle like an eye,
World War One made the petals,
Dead men and animals made the eye


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