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Sad tired old man, with rheumy eyes, sitting on his own
Reminiscing of the time gone by and how the years had flown
Wondering had he done enough? Had he lived a decent life?
Had he been good enough a husband to his dear departed wife?

Did his life have meaning? Had he done all that he should?
He thought that he had done his best, at least the best he could
He still has his family by his side to give love and support
But they’re not able to take away the sadness in his thoughts

He no longer can see reason, he’s no strength to work or play
Sitting only in his chair alone, living from day to day
Remembering how it used to be in the dim and distant past
Back then it always seemed that youth would forever last

But nothing lasts forever; all good things must surely end
After over sixty years together he lost his wife and friend
Now all he does is sit and wait, for the day he’s free from pain
When he’s reunited with his love and they are together once again


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