Soul Doctor

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Your two feet away I cant think what to say
how my soul feels in this world today
can’t pick myself up off the floor
just a manic depressive some would say

Appeal because you must understand
that life does many things to people
they hope to be in god’s hand
turn to church and look for steeple

But the truth is the strength that’s inside
strength to help the things that are weak inside
strength to face the things that we all hide
to admit to ourselves the things we’ve denied

Sol doctor help I need only you
to rid me of this pain inside my head
soul doctor do what it is you do
before my soul just turns to lead

Take my pain and make it go
reach inside to the place that I hide
take my pain and make it know
life is one big long fairground ride.


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