Spare a Thought

by | Nov 22, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Walking down the street today, in my sight I saw
A dishevelled man, all alone, sitting on the floor
A disheartened voice, spoke to me, “Big Issue, Sir?” it said
Ashamedly, without a word, I passed by, and turned my head.

Scruffy lout, is what I thought, he’s just lazing around
I won’t give him money; I’ll keep my hard earned pound.
If he really wants to eat, and somewhere warm to stay
He should find himself a decent job and learn to pay his way.

But, later on, in the afternoon, I found time to reflect
I wondered what his story was. Why is he such a wreck?
Wondering, has he no pride? Has he, no aim in life
Or had ill fate, taken away, his home? His hopes? His wife?

Maybe, once he was a hero, with medals on his chest
One who has fallen on hard times, and is now in distress.
Or, what if it was, a Son of mine, in need of a helping hand?
Then, what would my opinion be? I’d not feel then so grand

Too late, I returned in search of him, to try to find the truth
And ask of his predicament; was it due to a misspent youth?
Or, couldn’t it have been avoided? Is he not the one to blame?
What right have I to judge him? I hang my head in shame.

Because I asked no questions, no answers will I get
And due, to my thoughtlessness today, I’m now in regret.
So he’s gone, Lord knows where, off into the cold night
Does he have he food and shelter? I hope that he’s all right.


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