“Spicy Chicken.”

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Take 3 to 4 pieces of chicken large.
+10 to 12 mushrooms.
+1 large onion.
1 tin of Spicy tomato, Chinese style sauce. {Home Pride}
1 bottle of chilli & tomato sauce {Stir fry} {Sharwoods}
1 bottle of Sweet chilli sauce {Sharwoods}
Soya sauce.

Fry sliced mushrooms and onions in butter
Line large casserole dish with these. Don’t stutter!
Skin chicken and season with pepper and salt
Place on top of the fried stuff: Then you must halt.

Open a bottle of very good red wine!

Pour on top of chicken the tin tomato
With this dish, you don’t need any potato
From one bottle of the tomato-chilli
A splash of chilli sauce, not too much silly!

Pour yourself a glass from bottle of red wine.

Spread the sauces over the chicken pieces
Making sure, you get into all the creases
Cover with foil: Pre-heat oven 200c, and cook
Do this properly; you must go by the book!

Pour another glass from bottle of red wine! {Hic!}

After three hours, take the chicken dish right out
If you burn yourself, just give a great big shout
Place chicken in another dish, then keep warm
Just to taste it, all the family will swarm.

Dhen poor yertelf anuder glath of wed rine! (Hic! Hic!}

Reheat sauces with a spoon of cornflower
A splash of Soya sauce will give it power
Then you will have a mighty dish for a king
And the family will then, your praises sing.

Withh anuder grass of led rine: All fall down! {HIC! HIC! SNORE!}


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