Standing on the edge

by | Oct 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I stand with my foot on the edge of a precipice
With only one way down
There is no stepping down no going back
To step off will protect me from attack
With one final thought I am taking the plunge

Falling now faster as rocky outcrops pass by.
Each seems like a decision missed through time
I can almost reach out and touch the living breathing rock
It is my life so far, passing by
So many paths I could have taken, so many choices lost

The ground below is approaching with a rush
I cannot feel anything but loss and sorrow
How did it come to this point of no return
The only thing left to do is watch as I race for the embrace of the earth
Watching my tears float innocently beside me forming a false horizon

As I watch the ground focuses into features and detail
Finally I will feel peace as I reach the final act
There is to much to see and take in with the time left
Regrets are many and varied, but the hour is too late
As I finally make contact with the surface I can only dream I heard a scream


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