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Last night I had the dream of dreams
Amid the lights and audience screams
Had they all come to hear ME sing?
Oh no! I stood next to the King

Then Elvis smiled that crooked smile
And sang “Suspicion” for a while
Then “wowed” them with “Heartbreak Hotel”
Savouring each scream and yell

As Elvis waved and made to go
I turned to see the great “Big O”
What a pleasure “O” and “E”
On the stage right next to me

The band set up a guitar twang
“Oh Pretty Woman” we three sang
I thought that this is tops Don Holmes
When on the stage walked Sir Tom Jones

So Elvis, Tom, Big “O” and me
Sang all together seamlessly
And with the cheering crowds’ approval
We finished with “It’s Not Unusual”

But of course IT WAS !


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