“Step Inside Love (and stay)”

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

From hat-check girl in cloakroom guise, twud rise
To heights of fame beyond her wildest dreams
From humble roots (tho came as no surprise)
To all who chanced across her path, it seems
From heady days in ‘Cavern Club’ didst soar
To reach the very pinnacle of ‘Charts’
From ‘Beatles’ friend (didst have a true rapport)
To special place she found in people’s hearts
From ‘Swinging Sixties’ (spanned the decades since)
To re-invent as only she could do
From ‘girl next door’ as ‘star’ she could convince
To reign as ‘TV Queen’ came right on cue
‘Our Cilla’ was in truth just one of us
Who came in from the cold and made no fuss


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