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He was a hero, my son
Perhaps not in the conventional way
Bearing arms in the fight
Or saving the world from ruination
Like Superman might.
But my son was a hero, all right.

He was a hero, my son.
An ordinary soldier in an ordinary job.
Doing what he had to do.
Nothing extraordinary in his duty
Protecting people like you.
But my son was a hero, its true.

He was a hero, my son
No commendations, no glowing speeches
No shiny medals will there be
He hadn’t completed his three month tour
He’d only just got there, you see.
But my son was a hero, to me.

He was a hero, my son.
And I weep as I remember the day he was born
As they lay him in his grave
From infant to soldier, so little time…
Before his life he gave.
But my son was a hero, and he was so brave.
Final Episode

During Coronation Street, they took you away from me
But quite oblivious to your pain, I sipped my cup of tea
And as I watched the lives of the characters crumble and fall apart,
I knew not of the tragedy that soon would break my heart.

I’d only had one child, you see, I couldn’t bear another
So I devoted my entire life to being the best of mothers.
I watched the childhood innocence leave your sparkling eyes
And marvelled at how suddenly my son became so wise.

Then when you joined the Army and I had to let you go,
I stifled my emotions, I knew I couldn’t show.
I recall, how, in your uniform, you always looked so proud
How strange that very uniform, has now become your shroud.

Don’t ask me to forgive them for the evil they have done
The nameless faces in the dark who robbed me of my son,
While life in Coronation Street has no end in sight,
I’ll weep for my beloved son in the quiet of the night…


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