Stilled Flow

by | Sep 22, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Where once a grassy bank played host to hearts that beat as one
When daylight held such joy no scribe could justice bring of sweet refrain
Skylarks chirped their lullaby’s in hovered stance of shadowed beat
As love in surging torrents raced beyond to ‘Stratford Mill’
Now no more this sated earth in quenching waters reminisce
No more my heart becalmed in memory of tender touch
Whilst heading for the grinding stones impassioned turn, no favour bought
In sacrifice we offered up our future for a moment’s bliss
A yearned togetherness now sought in warm embrace of tactile mind
To hold life’s meaning in my arms, a reason fore to be as was
In streams stilled flow a promise held secure within refracted depths
Yon image of projected self, held shy of surface out of reach
Erstwhile partners paid no mind, no union to enjoin
Emotions put on hold through times of searching out no hope to find
As onward rush of loves young dream may never prove again so bold
Sustained by never ending faith in one whose love with me grows old


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