Stillness Speaks

by | Nov 8, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Words whispered on a warm breeze
As the raven caws in the sky
“Listen! Listen!” he cries
Butterflies radiate in iridescent rainbows
As leaves rustle in the morning air
Hedgehogs crunch about their day
Snuffling, searching, scavenging
Always searching for what lies beneath

The sun touches your face
With its warm hands
Raising your heart to the sky
Like a feather you float
This way and that
Turning and twirling
Looking, seeking, running

Eagle calls to you
Spirals you towards the earth
Then pulls you back up before you fall
Into the darkness of the earth
Fox yodels at you predicament
While badger awaits your demise
Always eager to drag you to the depths

Then you return
Eyes wide open
To the small still place
That was there all the time
And the soul says “Welcome Home”


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