Storm on a beach

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Yet another day in front of the Easel
Canvas tightly stretched on it’s frame
A selection of oils at one side ready for use
Your Palette and brush in your hands once again
The base coat of blue is a help with the sky
And maybe for the seascape too
It’s time to add greys and whites for the clouds
Creating a colourful hue
Using darker grey for some anger in the sky
Against the slight background of blue
Tinged with yellow ochre for the fading sun
Indicating heavy rainclouds too
Then down to the bottom of the canvas now
Viewed as tho’ from where you stand
Grey and green for the weed and the rocks
And Gold for the beach of sand
The Sea appears to be multi coloured
As the waves appear to crash upon the shore
Grey and dark green with white spuming crests
A sight you seen often before
And offshore to depict the relief that you seek
Boats bobbing and rolling at they’re moored at the Buoys
White Red Blue and Green and some varnished wood
The whim of these boatsmen with their toys
So now it is time to put away your brushes
And be homeward bound once more
Only to find that the weather has worsened
Similar to that portrayed on the imaged shore
The track that you drive is now very muddy
Driving is difficult to the extreme
Is this really happening to you
Or yet just a nightmare or dream
But now the journey for today has ended
You’re in you own little home once more
Plenty of wood on the fire in the lounge
Leaving the bad weather behind your front door
Then into the Kitchen a meal quickly prepared
And maybe a glass of wine or two
Seated in front of the welcome blaze
Warming you through and through
And when the evening is done and its time for bed
How pleasant the evening would seem
Put you head on the pillow and close your eyes
To sleep perchance to dream


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