Story Books

by | Nov 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The book is a story about love long ago
Of fair maidens in castles with moats below
Brave knights in armour who rode to wars
And mystic beings who lived on the moors

Or perhaps it is the one of the Victorian girl
Who loved to dance, her gowns all a twirl
She married a prince and then became Queen
And grieved as a widow, became almost unseen

Tales of such bravery love and adventure
Opening up the New World with indenture
Rags to riches and pioneering dreamers
Riverboat gamblers and wicked schemers

Granny loved her books of romantic themes
She would live within the pages of dreams
Said, with a story to read I need never be bored
The more you read, the more knowledge you stored

Those old hands are still, will turn pages no more
Her book remains unfinished as it slips to the floor
Now dear Granny can have her best story ever
Be with Granddad again and this time forever


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