Streets of London.

by | Mar 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

When walking along the roads in London
There is so much to be seen
For Tourists visit from all over the World
Perchance they may see our Queen
In residence maybe at Buckingham Palace
Or perhaps view the Changing of the Guard
For if you are trying to fill your day
It really isn’t very hard
You may wish to visit Museums
To see the gory sights the Waxworks affords
Or see the Royal Horse Guards as they parade
In Regimental Uniform embracing swords
But if you had moved away to the East End
Away from the City’s bright lights
You may have witnessed what may have been a spoof
But it was one of the strangest sights
For there in the heart of Shoreditch
To the tones of a single Church Bell
There happened a bizarre yet comic event
Or that is the way I heard folks tell
For the bell that tolled was for a Funeral in the Church
And outside the Undertakers had parked their Hearse
When along came a recovery to remove the vehicle
And lifted it aboard to the sound of a curse
Then as this had happened the pall-bearers returned
Carrying their precious heavy load
All they could see to their amazement
Was their Hearse disappearing down the road
Now whether this be true or maybe a jest
I think you would agree with me
Anyone walking the streets of London
A more un-believable sight would seldom see


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