Subtle Signs

by | Apr 29, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Talk to me a little while
Share with me your fears
Keep a tissue close at hand
To wipe away your tears

Tell me of the loneliness
You feel each passing day
Tell me how you force a smile
When asked if you’re okay

Tell me of the heartaches
As you face another day alone
Tell me how you count the days
Until your loved one can come home

Tell me of the constant yearning
For your telephone to ring
Tell me how when you hear their voice
What a relief their phone call brings

Tell me when you say ‘see you soon’
You blow a kiss their way
Tell me how you pray for them
Each and every day

Tell me of the sleepless nights
How you toss and turn in bed
Tell me of the constant nightmares
Instead of dreams inside your head

Tell me what you fear the most
The one which hurts you more
Tell me that your greatest fear
Is a knock upon the door!

Now you’ve shared your greatest fears
It’s time to tell you mine
All of the above, I fear them too
But have faith, and you’ll be fine

Beside each of us is an Angel
Our loved ones have one too
Guiding and protecting us
In everything we do

When you’re frightened ask your Angel
To send a simple sign
To let you know your loved one is safe
It works, for I ask mine


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