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I was young resilient
Came back home got married got a job
Thought i was brilliant
It was then came the constant smack in the gob

I was a war vet
I was hungry for what I could take
The war was not over yet
Till i realized the devil my mind could break

Wear me down like the venom from a spider into a fly
Turn my twisted mind
Hearing my family’s souls scream and wonder why]
My true feelings I could not find

Paralyzed inside out
So lost of hope too weak to try
Too tired to shout
So worn in my soul and will I just want to die

They tortured my flesh and then my mind
Then they turned to my soul and then my will
I was then at suicides door to find
Relief from this my windowsill

When you have fought flesh and bone
It’s easy to sink so deep
When you realize your soul is not yours to keep
When you’re so tired you can’t sleep

And when he has worn you out
He the devil will be the spiders bite
So you can’t even shout
Or barely see the light

So if I kill my self today
Just bear in mind the pain I display
God just let the dead lay
Coz my mind is racing to stay

Yes I have killed myself I am dead in my head
But maybe not in my heart
Just think on Falkland lads one more less is no less in our books
Despair and loneliness destroy men

I know suicide I have tried it
But once was enough
Now I intend to remain alive
For the lads to live on


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