Summer of Discontent

by | Aug 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

All was quiet before the riot,
Then the shooting caused the looting
Up and down London Town.
There was nowhere safe and sound.
Setting shops and cars alight,
Kids caused violence every night.
Contact through the internet,
Stealing all that they could get.
It would take years to repair
Extensive damage everywhere.
The police had no way to contain
The mob who came time and again.
Youngsters, who in their despair
Caused havoc and just didn’t care.
Politicians were annoyed
And community destroyed.
Business ruined, people scared;
Where the hell was London’s Mayor?
Nobody could get a grip;
Britain was a sinking ship.
And children thought it was a lark
To rampage through a retail park.
Police were injured, travel stopped.
Could Olympic plans be dropped?
Those who’d come from foreign lands
Would, no doubt, change their travel plans.
Everything was going barmy,
Why did they not use the army?
Because they could not afford
To bring the troops home from abroad……..
And here’s the interesting thing,
Could this be Britain’s Arab Spring?


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