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The dawn has come, the days beginning
Quickly Night will disappear,
Morning chorus of birds singing
Welcoming the Day break.
Will today bring something different,
Are my thoughts of things anew
The air is as clear as crystal
Now I feel the Morning Dew.
Is it April or September
Leaves of green or gold will tell
Calendar’s not necessary
Signs of Nature show me well.
As I walk across the meadow
In the distance my eyes are gazing,
Where the mist just forms a curtain
To my side the cattle grazing.
On my ramble I continue
Now I have a stile to cross
Rustic timbers set at angles
Covered here and there in moss.
Ambling through the grass I notice
Here and there a rabbit run
Mushrooms sprouting, there’s some clover,
Come’s the rising Sun.
Mist is clearing, Blue sky’s showing,
Senses bright, slight breeze is blowing.
From nearby lane there comes a clatter
of riders on Horseback the silence to shatter
Only the tops of the hats I can see
And hear their jovial chatter.
Moving onwards to the river
Ever hopeful I might spy
Kingfishers diving to the river
Or the ever present Dragonfly
There’s an Angler, Umbrella spread
Rod firmly in his grip
Will I break his concentration
Will the fish give him the slip
As the river it meanders
On its never ending way
Tracks I make towards the road
Passing by a load of Hay
Coming down the lane a Tractor
Belching forth it’s Diesel roar
Followed by an ancient Trailer, discarded many times before
Don’t you think it’s a pity when such a ramble ends
That you’ll have to wait another week to meet Mother Nature’s Friends.


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