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Sweet sixteen and not been kissed?
I confess that’s not quite true.
About that age, I’d noticed boys
and I’d kissed quite a few!

But then I saw my sweetheart!
Things would never be the same.
My female hormones focused on
playing the dating game!

I chased him ‘till he caught me,
poor lad never stood a chance.
I ran him round in circles as
we danced the mating dance.

Next came the engagement ring.
It was just a small affair.
It’s too late now for second thoughts!
He knew he didn’t dare.

The wedding day was duly set
and as I walked down the aisle,
tears filled my eyes to see him as
he smiled a sickly smile!

Now forty years have passed by
and times have been good and bad,
but I know he would not swap me,
my darling Irish lad.


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