Tangerine World

by | May 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Dear child of love, colour me blue,
Draw me in gold and orange hue
Paint a picture in tangerine,
the greatest art the world has seen.

Paint me in purple on your heart
With cascading gold’s work of art
Draw the brush light in silver thread
On a halo, of deep blood red.

Give the work depth with background green
Paint a picture in tangerine
Moist the pallet with my sworn love
Deep as the bluest sky above.

Shower the art with tears of gold
Flowing for young as well as old
Paint this picture in tangerine
Of peace and joy yet to be seen.

Show how the poor live, day to day
Colour it black and deepest grey
Show how rich lay in golden bed
Then paint poor souls of hearts that bled.

Paint a picture of day I died
Nailed to a cross, so many cried!
Though God my father,never seen
colour his love in tangerine.

For all to read in deep blue sky
the day will come for you and I
to see the true world not yet seen
That God will colour tangerine.


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