Tears in Your Eyes

by | Mar 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The tears in your eyes, my heart full of pain.
Don’t worry I’ll be safe, and back home again.
See you soon, take care, the words stumble out.
I love you I’ll miss you, my heart shouts out.

Your face at the window one last brave smile.
How long apart, hope it’s only a short while.
No exercise this time, this is the real thing.
The docks full of people, rule Britannia they sing.

Their cheers quickly fade, as we were off and on our way.
No cruise ship for us, strict training every day.
At night you will find me walking the deck.
Caught up in my thoughts at what’s to come next.

Your letters from home a record request.
The news of the baby, great no more tests.
Your pictures I carry wherever I go.
Close to my heart always, and sometimes on show.

Soon I’ll be back, to my family once more.
Can’t wait for the day when I walk through the door.
To be near you to hold you both once again.
Will be worth all of this heartache, and all of our pain


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