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(This poem was roughed out during the week after Diana’s death and finished the day before it was announced that the Hindus had deified Mother Theresa and Lady Diana)

For all the tears that are, and will be shed,

This a sad time at the death of two friends,

Focussing on both, Theresa and Di,

Old and Young, how can we quantify-

Within our souls the depths of our emotion-

For these two allow us to focus on-

Our Soul’s lament, however, we must try

To include others, humble and poor, sigh-

For those whom the Press never pursued-

Enabling us to focus our grief, cried-

Out our sorrows, expressing our joint pain-

Helping to expose this nation’s soul. A stain-

On our society, it’s values perverse-

Because we forget to put people first.

Oh Jesus, you told us, and died for us.

What have we learnt since then, we are unjust.

We do it time after time, and again.

I want to cry, to expose all my pain,

But, my stiff upper lip blocks up my heart,

And emotions, and, I don’t know how to start.

Yet, I do know how to express my love,

But, know not how to receive it, above

Worldly shackles, teach us how to forgive,

That, thereby, we learn with joy, how to live.

(Devil and evil spelt backwards = lived and Live)


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