“Techie” Nervous Nah.!!!!!

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Hi “Techie” I thought I’d write a few lines
In answer to the touching poem you wrote
For the words you chose were informed & with knowledge
To outline the concerns that you quote
For no man is an Island or so they say
To share thoughts and problems is great
For not knowing what the next day may bring
It’s a hard thing to contemplate
Even I can imagine the Adrenaline rush, perhaps a worry
When first involved in any theatre of War
The concerns & the worries that you may encounter, in fact
But during training they’re not accounted for
The first thoughts as the Battle begins for you
No one will be able to erase
Urgency, noise , cordite and destruction
Will be with you for the rest of your days”
“Nervous” you’re not but perhaps cautious
With an awareness on which a Soldier must depend
For in Battle your life may be on a knife edge
And maybe the lives of many a friend
You’ve fought and you’ve seen and you’ve witnessed
What many Journalists too often quote
Casualties wounded and fatal as statistics
Which instigates this strange lump in your throat
But you are a truly Professional Soldier
And you’ll carry out whatever duty you’re set
In the knowledge that what happened yesterday has gone
Though in your mind you will never forget
Decorations and Medals may lay in your drawer
As reminders of past conflicts fought with pride
And of the men with whom you had the honour to serve
As brothers in arms fighting side by side
For “ Techie” You do a job that many couldn’t do
If I were a Gambler I’d be willing to bet
As you’re not the type to get “nervous”
For you’ve got a lot more battles to win yet .



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