Thanks to you

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I had some painful memories of a time I’d left behind
I saw some awful things out there still pictured in my mind
I had no wish to carry on it all seemed too much grief
but with love and perseverance you gave me self belief

I will never lose my demons no matter what I do
But now I see the lighter colours coming through from you
I know that it’s been difficult to help a wreck like me
But thanks to you I live my life with less uncertainty

I hurt you so much earlier I didn’t mean to do it
we seem to hurt those closest, those who help us through it
Only when I saw you crying I felt so bad inside
When I said I hated you please believe I lied

You put up with my shouting my constant lack of life
But now I thank the god upstairs for making you my wife
So what I say to all of you who feel as I did then
Don’t forget the life you had – get it back again

Perfect it may never be, those demons still will lurk
But chat and conversation will help to ease the hurt
Love the ones you have with you, and children even more
And thank your god you have them to love and to adore


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