The Abyss

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I find myself drawn to the depth,
How often is it I have wept,

Deep in the abyss, where there is no light,
I am alone floating down through perpetual night,

No one can help, my descent out of control,
The pressure fills me, crushes my soul,

Lost in thought, lonely in my flight,
Struggling for air, try as I might,

Dreams of times gone, drift in the black,
I slide further down, my body slack,

I am falling, dropping fast,
This cannot last.

I sense all is not lost,
I look up, not sure of the cost,

Shafts of light, dance down I see,
There maybe some help even for me,

Looking up into the light,
I see love pulling me up, pulling me tight.


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