The Airshow

by | Dec 9, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Everyone is gathered here
To witness this annual event
A magnificent Airshow
For some it’s Heaven sent
The crowds all throng the Promenade
All eyes up to the sky
Always afraid to miss one
Of the many aircraft that fly by
All sorts of planes participate
Models old and new
Bi Planes with Wing Walkers, and a Spitfire
With a Lancaster from ww2
The Vulcan used to be a big attraction
But now no longer flies
Along with the giant Hercules
The military haulier of the skies
The Harrier was always a popular sight
To see a vertical take off and landing
Hovering overhead sometimes
Takes a lot of understanding
Then suddenly at the speed of sound
The Eurofighter with low level flight
Then back with controls and skyward soars
Disappearing out of sight
Now we come to the finale
Performed by the R A F squadron elite
Aerobatics of Worldwide acclaim
The Red Arrows will always compete
And carry out death defying manoeuvres
All planes flying as one
Times to a perfect precision
The Pilots are Stars each and every one
With smoking trails they fill the sky
With a final show of Red White and Blue
Risking their lives with these daring displays
To entertain folks like me and you.


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