The Amazing Human Brain Part 2

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

This Poem is about the amazing human brain,
Mix up the middle of these words is insane,
But most of us can actually still see,
What is written here by me.

There are some people reading this I must apologise to,
Dyslexia is hard enough, without me screwing with you,
I would be interested to know if you can read what is here,
Can you see this, is it at all clear.

I think how we process information is a wonder at best,
Its what makes us stand out from the rest,
But what use is this new found code,
If we can all read it, it is already an obsolete mode.

Still there must still be plenty to find,
In the grey old matter we call a mind,
What stunning things are left to change how we see,
The most complex thing found in you and me.


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