The Band

by | May 18, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Crammed inside their rusty van
Keeping warm as best they can
Hoping that a bump or jerk
Will make the heater start to work
On the road to some new place
Where people didn’t know their face
Climbing stairs with heavy amps
Suffering with aching cramps
P.A. speakers and their stands
Bringing blood to ice cold hands
The stage is set, their hearts are beating
Crowds come in and fill the seating
Lights are dimmed, the curtain lifts
Attention in the room now shifts
The drummer counts to start the show
Five young men will let them know
That here’s a band to rock them all
From opening bars to curtain call
The crowd all cheer at end of night
They think the band “is out of sight”
But as euphoria settles down
It’s time to leave this latest town
Time to face the aching chore
Of loading up the van once more
Ready for the journey home
(The winter’s cold fills every bone)
But a little warmth remains intact
As they recall tonight’s “great act”
Their triumph filters through their soul
Thank God for bands and rock and roll !


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