The bed blocks

by | Sep 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I lie here and dream I hear a scream
The sergeant shouts
Drop your c**** and pick up your socks
It’s time to rock
So let’s make those bed blocks

I spring into action and leap out of my bed
There’s something to be said about a G10 army bed
I grab at the covers and rip them off

A mass of sheets and blankets lay at my feet
Soon they will look so neat
I grab a blanket and start to fold
Corner to corner and edge to edge
Trying not to make it look like a wedge

Top cover to tighten and bounce the ten pence
What an effort just to make down a bed
The bed block is done it’s not much fun

It’s time for the room inspection
In walk the staff who all start to laugh
What the hell have you done?
It looks like a pile of camel dung
Open the window and let it go free
I watch it fly through the air to the sounds of wee

It lands with a thump my camels dump
I run around the block to retrieve my bed block
I am still in shock and have to take stock
There will always be tomorrow to improve my bed block


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