The Bells of all Nations.

by | Oct 16, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Can you hear the bells tolling all over the world
For those soldiers, regardless of race,
Who went where their duty dictated,
And died in that miserable place?

We know that United States soldiers,
From New Mexico up into Maine,
Are bearing the brunt of the conflict
And dying. We hope not in vain.

From Alange, and Mieres, and Vigo
Throughout all provincial Spain
Brave soldiers to Sherat went marching
Some never to see home again.

Do you hear muffled drums softly beating?
‘cross the Po and the Rhine and the Seine .
Where loved ones, with bowed heads, are weeping
As they stand by those graves in the rain.

Then the news that is all too familiar
From Lyneham they’re coming again
They are bringing our own soldiers homeward
Until with full honours they’re lain.

From the Ruhr and the Harz and the Pfalzland
Went Bundeswehr men, brave and true.
Through the grim streets of Kunduz and Kabul
To meet death from an I.E.D crew.

Do you know that the Last Post is playing?
From Vancouver to East Montreal
To honour those Maple Leaf heroes
Who heard and then answered the call.

So give thanks to those sons of all nations
Who went bravely regardless of fears,
And pray for those mothers all grieving
In sweet mem’ry but through bitter tears.


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