The Bench

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The Bench.

Overlooking the River Humber.
Standing proudly on display.
A Poachers Memorial bench.
A tribute to those who’ve passed away.
Why a bench, a question you’ll ask?
A tribute and a mark of respect.
For people to sit and think.
To take a break, and take time to reflect.

A place to remember the fallen soldiers.
Who have left us in peace or at war.
Heroes that are no longer in our presence.
The friends we can see no more.
The bench is now a focal point.
A memorial, a place to sit and think.
A place to spend time chatting to friends.
Bring along your lunch, and a coffee to drink.

Day in day out, people sit on the bench.
Mums, Dads, children, it’s for all to share.
Spend ten minutes reading your newspaper.
Or five minutes silence, just staring into nowhere.
For students to sit and revise for their exams
For passing joggers to take a five minute rest.
This bench has been donated for your use.
By The Poachers, the country’s best.

Year on year Denis organised the reunion.
A social event where all Poachers could meet.
Young and old with stories to tell.
Sadly, the old soldiers numbers start to deplete.
In memory of the great Denis Watson.
I call it “Your Bench” not his or mine.
A bench to be used by all generations.
To watch the sun come up and begin to shine.

Denis would be proud to see the Bench.
In memory of Poachers world wide.
Looking over the Humber Estuary.
Watching the movement of the North sea tide.
Through all the weathers,  good or bad.
Through rain, sun, sleet ,or snow.
Bearing the Regiments capbadge and name.
The Bench sits proudly on show.


The Unknown Poet.
Gordon Duff©


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