The Best War

by | Aug 12, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

What if we had a war and no one showed up
What a wonderful war that would be
We’d have no one shooting or setting land mines
And you’d act just as though you were free

We’d never have tanks running wild through our towns
Or have airplanes patrolling the skies
Living already has enough ups and downs
We won’t need to worry about spies

We would have no bomb shelters where you’d have to go
In which you need cower or hide
We’d have our street parties whenever we wished
To bring out our national pride

Wherever the war site was supposed to be
Perhaps we can plant rows of food
Or turn it into a playground for kids
Put the non-killing fields to some good

The money we’d save making non-war machines
Would allow us to buy them for less
Which would make all other things cheaper to buy
And would keep us out of wars’ mess


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