The Blitz

by | May 12, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Night time came and darkness fell, sirens began to wail
A warning of death and destruction, on a massive scale
Blackout curtains were all drawn to obscure the light
For up in the skies overhead, the Luftwaffe was in flight

Night after the night they’d return to drop their evil cargo
Of high explosive, and incendiary bombs, onto our cities below
Refuge we sought, inside our shelters, we waited the air raid out
Listening to the noise outside, we were safer in there, no doubt

In the morning we’d emerge, with trepidation and caution
Wondering if we still had a home, what damage had been done?
Though our factories, shops and houses all suffered in the blitz
Never would we capitulate, a true Brit never quits

So many bombs had left their mark. Rubble, fire and acrid smoke
And though many had lost all they had, camaraderie it did provoke
Each and everyone pulled together, with spirited determination
Never then or now would anyone enslave our Great British Nation


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