The bond between mother and child

by | Jan 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

From the minute you were born
Your mum’s been there for you
Supporting you and loving you
In everything you do

All the time she carried you
When your souls were linked together
A special bond was being cemented
That would last until forever

In the early years, your mum provided
All that a child would need
Nurturing you, supporting you
Helping you succeed

Through your teenage years, in your eyes
Your mum was such a pain
All she did was nag at you
Over and over again

Adulthood now, you realise
How much your mum means to you
Through the good times and bad, she is there
Because that’s what mothers do

No matter how old you are
Your mum is still your mum
Her love for you is unconditional
When all is said and done

The bond you share will never be broken
Whatever you say or do
It may have been tarnished, but one fact remains
She will never stop loving you

When the Lord above calls her name
To join him and the angels back home
Her spirit lives on inside of you
So you will never be alone


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