The Brave foot soldiers

by | Aug 7, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The brave foot soldiers
Have struck again
A woman who asked them not to smoke
Whilst in a no smoking area
Is given a poke this really is no joke

She is then pushed onto a train track
Such a brave attack
Inches from death this poor women almost took her last breath
For the track was live she could have easily died

The brave foot soldiers
Then take to their heels
Her screams they cannot hear
For they have chosen to disappear

Three real soldiers upon return from Iraq
Are subjected to an attack
They are set upon by twenty brave foot soldiers
Who use a knife in the attack?
And one real soldier is stabbed in the back
Such a cowardly attack

These brave foot soldiers that I write about
Have done no heroic acts
No signs of compassion
Or good deed for the day
They search the streets looking for easy prey

If you stand up for yourself
You may end up dead
That will fill so many people with such dread
What are we to do?
Where do we go?
Why has our society sunk so very low?

I don’t have the answers
And I can’t answer the questions why
All I know is many more people will cry WHY?


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