“The Bruce” (King Robert I of Scotland)

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

Known lineage precludes another’s claim
To sit upon the ‘stone o’ destiny’
Tho’ many didst announce such long held aim
Twould find a mighty obstacle in thee
Thou art “The Bruce” which history writ large
Upon the page o’ Scotland’s early years
Tward ‘Independence’ thou didst lead the charge
At ‘Bannockburn’ confirmed ‘The English’ fears
As Edward spied across the burn, thou prayed
“Ah ha, they pray for mercy” he didst spout
“For mercy, yes from God, not thee” (said aide)
Twas Robert twirling axe, then led the rout
Yon ‘King of Scots’ didst prove a man apart
Embalmed to then crusade; twas true ‘Braveheart’


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