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Cancer fills my thoughts
All day and every night
It rules my life, it’s always there
Alone, I shake with fright

It grows inside, a silent threat
A time bomb in my body
And when it blows, it spreads itself
Not even saying sorry

Alone I cry, alone I sob
“ Why me ? “ I say to no-one
I feel so sorry for myself
Am I the only one ?

Our time is now so precious
Every second counts
Every hour spent with you
Tiny, small amounts

I love you Paula darling
I promised you “ Forever “
I’ll keep my promise sweetheart
You watch me, ‘cause I’m clever

I’m sick of feeling tired
I’m tired of feeling sick
I’m going to fight this Devil
It must think that I’m thick

I watch the flowers as they grow
Each day a brand new dawn
Each Sun-break is a bonus
I’ll fight this Devil’s spawn

The time I’ve left I’ll spend with you
Forever and a day
God willing, I’ll be with you
As we turn old and grey

We all face death at some time
Each of us will pass
So spare me just a few more years
Don’t put me out to grass

I found you, and I’ve loved you
“ Always “ was our song
But now the Devil’s after me
What did I do wrong ?

They say I’m in remission
That’s good news, so I’m told
I still feel like a ticking bomb
So please let me grow old

Just hold me when I’m angry
“ Cuddles “ when I’m sad
Forgive me being grumpy
This Cancer drives me mad

“ It isn’t fair ! “ I want to shout
To love, such little time
Make the most of every day
Together, so sublime

Starting with tomorrow
The fight I will continue
I’ll slay this Demon Dragon
With every nerve and sinew

Stay near me my sweetheart
We’ll slay this beast together
Look forward to our lives
Because “ We are Forever ! “


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