The Cancer of the Soul

by | Mar 3, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that’s what it’s called
PTSD for short, it leaves it’s victims appalled
At the change to their lives, the invasion of the very soul
Flashbacks, nightmares, and panic attacks do really take their toll

Hypervigilance makes the person right on edge
Their family and friends feel this really big wedge
Anger and rage can encompass their very being
The person changes for the worse as others will witness seeing

The soldier, feeling the horrors of war, is a prime example of this
Call it ‘shell shock’, ‘combat fatigue’ ‘soldiers heart’ or even the ‘suicide kiss’
Man wasn’t meant to be a killing machine, it goes against the grain
Not in our nature to maim and kill, it plays havoc with your brain

Just ask 150,000 Vietnam vets who took their own lives
More Falklands vets have died from suicide, it really is rife
1 in 8 of our prison population is from the British army
PTSD plays it’s part in driving these guys utter barmy

The Sun newspaper has taken the lead in highlighting this curse
The Arena of war can drive you mad or even worse
Like some of the SAS and Para’s of the Falklands war
Who took their own lives in the aftermath, really what for?

So what can we do about it, is there a magic pill?
Afraid not, but love, care and understanding will not kill
Compassion, humility and empathy seem to be in short supply
A selfish society in a dog eat dog world, a real pig sty

Cameron cries out that ‘the big society will work’
So how’s about spreading some of this ‘society’ to PTSDers that hurt
Properly compensate and eradicate, send this curse back to sleep
Then those with PTSD may really want a life to keep!

PTSD itself is telling us that we shouldn’t war, war
Mankind is meant to live in peace and harmony, and jaw,jaw
So I ask you this as a man whose fragile mind went to ‘war’
Rockets & bombs causing blood and death, what’s it really all for?


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