The Changi Jail Lych Gate.

by | Jun 12, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Carry me under the Lych Gate lads,
My time has come to rest,
I gave my all for my Country,
I tried my very best,
Surrender is not easy,
It prays upon the mind,
To make you look inside yourself,
To see what you might find.

Carry me under the Lych Gate lads,
Gather for a prayer,
For Cholera and Dysentery,
Will surely take you there,
Beatings and starvation,
A bayonet prod thrown in,
Decapitate a prisoner,
Enjoy it with a grin.

So carry me under the Lych Gate lads,
My final journey made,
No fine Church or Chapel,
No lovely English glade,
Bear me up to Heaven,
Wish me a fond farewell,
For I have lived in Changi,
Also known as Hell.


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