The Chat Room

by | Jul 19, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I read some lines not long ago
I’m not sure what was meant
Was the reason from the heart
Or comedy the main intent
Insanity is never far away
From anyone who enters here
And reads what someone’s written
And posted year after year
But I think the field is so much wider
Why strangers meet here as virtual friends
Sharing a laugh and a joke or three
Making sure no content offends
For a site to run in harmony
I’m sure involves lots of work
From Admin and their helpers
And what would happen if they shirk
And dodge the awkward moments
When decisions have to be made
They step in fast to find the fault
Where their ingenuity is often displayed
I must admit at times I find it weird
That strangers sit and face a screen
For hours and type those messages in text
To people they’ve never seen
But that’s not the way it seems to them
For virtuality at that time is their friend
The image that comes across in type
May very well depend
On the various type of words you use
To express what you mean to say
And if the conversation finishes abrupt
You can continue another day
Now I read that there may be treats in store
I’m so nervous I can hardly wait
To see what a certain young lady has In store
It’s difficult to contemplate
So if you’ve had a laugh or two
Then coming in here isn’t three bad
I don’t think it’s quite insanity
But you have to be a little bit mad.


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