The Chip Shop

by | Feb 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The chip shop was packed
With a noisy crowd
They’d been to the pub
And were now very loud

I tried to be distant
And just look away
I read all the boards
But I heard someone say

“What’s your problem pal
Stuck up or what ?
Let’s both go outside
And see what you’ve got”

Now I’m not a coward
Nor am I a fool
So I turned to the guy
And tried to look cool

“I just want my chips”
I feebly replied
If looks really killed
Then surely I’d died

Just then the shopkeeper
Said “Your chips are here”
So I gave him some cash
Tried not to show fear

I stepped out the shop
And walked down the street
When I heard the sound
Of hurrying feet

I quickened my pace
And thought I should run
What if that guy
Was carrying a gun?

A voice then rang out
One I knew wasn’t strange
It was the man from the shop
I’d forgotten my change


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